Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DVD's That Will Make You More Attractive

I've sorta bailed on blogging lately. Too much work, been working on other non-interweb endeavors, etc. Blogger's steadfast commitment to middleness is also a contributing factor to my case of the almost-summer blahs.

BUT...I've surfaced from my funk to deliver a few hearty recommends on this DVD new release Tuesday.

I don't think I wrote anything up about DAVE CHAPPELLE'S BLOCK PARTY. In short, it's a masterpiece. A confluence of comedy, ass-kickingly GREAT music, and pervasive vibe of good spirits. I walked out of the theater happy as a motherfucker that evening. In a day and age of persistent global pessimism, Chappelle cobbled together this wonderfully hopeful film. When we are contently bombarded with reminders of how shitty the human animal is, it's rare and lovely that something like this can come along and reveal how art truly lifts us out of the muck.

KISS KISS BANG BANG arrives to hopefully get some love after being virtually ignored theatrically.

The wackiest zombie movie EVER lumbers onto region 1 discus today. CEMETERY MAN is a weird, distant memory for me. Pretty much because I've never seen it straight. I'm curious if it works as well not stoned out of your gourd. We shall see.

This past weekend I poured over the new DAZED & CONFUSED Criterion. It's such a pure and innocent piece. I don't think it so much captures the time and place verbatim as much it relates the feelings of that time and place. Which I think is the more commendable feat. I think this rates up there in my all time favorite films.



Blogger George Merchan said...

BLOCK PARTY... RUNNING SCARED... Right on, boyee!

2:28 AM  
Blogger Charlie Brigden said...

I want to see Block Party, but I'm stumped by the fact that the Fugees and Kanye West are in it. Unless it's like Macy Gray in Spider-Man, when she was in it for like thirty seconds.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Ben Miro said...

You don't like the Fugees?


Their performance is the highlight of the film.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

You forget the best and greatestest DVD release of the year:


Dammit, I've got to get over to Z-Man's blog...

10:30 PM  
Blogger Ben Miro said...

As soon as I can get over to Costco, man.

2:56 AM  

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