Thursday, December 08, 2005

Enjoy The Silence

Not much movie-wise to jaw about. With two small children at the casa maintaining the illusion of Santa Claus is a full time job. This entails sneaking out to retail establishments to procure toys at odd hours. The odd hours that I usually reserve for delving into my esoteria. My Dollar Home Theater is also subbing as Santa's waystation.

I have been enjoying revisiting Arrested Development. I'm a continuity nerd so seeing these in order makes what I already thought was hilarious show all the better. They do a really good job of referencing past eps. But the buildup from episode to episode is really worth forking over the cash to buy these. Where to begin...

This is one of the most solid ensembles EVER. All in the Family, Soap, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Freaks And Geeks. Arrested Development can total stand with those titans. Will Arnett, David Cross, Jeffrey "Wat" Tambor...all geniuseses. But I feel Jason Bateman doesn't get enough love. The guy is a rock. Michael Bluth's inexplicable devotion to his family of self-centered, really, children is the heart of the show. Funny is easy...but funny with heart is what separates the weak from the strong (I'm talking to you, Family Guy).

I've been plugging away at Entourage. I can't really get into it. I'm only 4 episodes in...and I can't really connect to it. I guess because I feel like so far instead of exposing all the foibles of celebrity it's actually celebrating them. And as far as I can tell the show is about these hapless guys spoiling themselves with their pals money. I really rubs the wrong way. Piven is good and I find myself wanting a whole show about him. I'll stick with it, however and hope it hooks me.


Blogger George Merchan said...

Just barely started getting into AD by finally sitting through Season 1... Marvelous. I totaly agree that Jason Bateman deserves more credit. Such a great straight man (and a show with such insane characters needs a solid one).

What I love about ENTOURAGE is that it doesn't try to be a satire on Hollywood life (though it does choose to do it at times) but really just focus on the lives of four guys who are thrust into that shallow (and often fun) world. And it's a heavily character-centric show, I think. By the end of Season 1, it even pulled at the ol' strings a bit in the same manner that a film like SWINGERS did. Very much a guy show.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Ben Miro said...

I definitely need to watch more.

I don't necessarily need a character to relate to...but these characters are totally foreign to me. Frat boys that never went to college. I'm not getting what's so awesome about a guy like Turtle. At this point (3 episodes) I think E is kind of spineless and whiny. Vince is (and I do think there's some satire here) is a vapid prick. And Drama, despite having the good fortune to be played by Kevin Dillon, is another dumb guy.

I don't want to be totally dismissive having only seen a couple of eps...I was hoping for a more immediate "hook". As it stands I'm just not digging on the world it's creating.

I'll watch some more tonight.

4:44 AM  

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