Thursday, November 17, 2005

DVD Review: Office Space

I finally gave the new edition of Office Space a spin. I never got the old DVD because even when it was brand new it was the old DVD with it's dirty, filthy non-anamorphicness and dearth of supplements. Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (DVD Peeps, that shit is retarded.) is more a stop gap to a really kickass set. The only saving grace is the much obsessed-over-by-me anamorphic enhancement and it can be purchased for just a few paltry sheckles.

The flick itself has been on the cusp of being ruined by nerds since it's rabid embrace by tech geeks on video. You people do realize that when you quote the annoying people over and over in this movie that you essentially BECOME THEM? Essentially the greatest thing about Office Space is that it's a mirror being held up to a huge swath of folks who really don't have their pain materialized in some form of popular entertainment. I can't think of anyone who hasn't teetered on the bottom (or middle) rung of corporate America and been immune to this movies charm. And those that are probably traded their soul for that reserved parking spot. A personal favorite moment is during the opening credits when Michael Bolton is blasting his gangsta rap and sees a black guy in the median, he locks his car door and turns the music down. That slays me every time.

The DVD really is a half-assed affair. The transfer comes in nice and clean displaying the innate resplendent beauty of cubicleland. Audio is can hear the quietly evil hum of the flourescent light in the rear channels.

The only extra I had the energy to get through was the Out of the Office: An Office Space Retrospective with Mike Judge. I guess the operative word here would be 'serviceable'. I love hearing Mike Judge talk 'cause Hank Hill is like right there just an octave lower. There's some funny stuff about Judge having "Fuck You" money. Aniston's bits are from an old interview (looks really EPK-ish). Overall it's pleasant enough.


Blogger Paul said...

Be happy with what you got - you almost didn't even get that!

8:22 PM  
Blogger George Merchan said...

Love that Bolton bit too. Hilarious.

I actually got the version with the stapler... appropriately enough because I actually needed the stapler.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Ben Miro said...

What's the story on that, Paul? Judge not get his piece of the home video pie?

7:52 AM  

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